In event planning the little things matter. It is our goal to make sure  that every detail of your event is planned with your style and vision in mind.

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If you need it, chances are we have it! We have inventory on hand such as candles, baskets, brass vases, trays,etc. Let us help you save tons of money, by using our inventory instead of buying or renting your own!

Soft Seating

There is nothing that makes a space more homey than adding soft seating. We love to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere at events. Choose from a wide variety of couches, end tables, lamps and rugs!



We have a large supply of chalkboards, and a team member that can do all your writing for you. When using a chalkboard, we also decorate it with a little greenery to add a more fancy feel.

Custom Invitations

Designing and creating invitations is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Seeing your name on that cardstock has never felt so good. We can help you design and customize and invitation that is like no one else's.


Making your day go smoothly is our top priority. We offer full day coordination as well as just ceremony coordination or just reception coordination. 


Weddings can be expensive, and I am sure your Pinterest board costs more than you realize. We can help you prioritize, plan, and have your dream wedding on a budget.